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You're About To Learn 6 Super-Easy-To-Play Chord Shapes That Most Beginners Don't Use To Play Songs Quickly
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Allen Hopgood - Adult Guitar Training Specialist
4 Great Reasons To Grab The Cheat Sheet
1. Get a fast-start playing along with your favourite songs

2. No crazy hand gymnastics commonly associated with traditional, text-book chords

3. Simply add a capo to play popular songs like "Drift Away" of With or Without You"

4. Plays songs up and down the fretboard with this one chord shape you can use instead of barre chords (plus it's WAY easier to play!)
Start Playing The Songs You Love As Soon As Today
Many beginning guitar players struggle for months trying to play traditional chord shapes, before even playing a single song... 

With the user-friendly, chord shapes, easy-to-follow diagrams and simple instructions PLUS a bonus list of nearly 50 popular songs to play...

... You'll be having a ton of fun playing your guitar...

Starting today! Not in the normal 'few months' time...
Who Is Allen Hopgood And What Can He Do For You?
Having taught guitar since 2011, Allen is one of those rare few teachers, who is really passionate about teaching and who really wants to help his students.

To do this, he specialises in training adult beginner and intermediate guitar players (like Bobby above) only.

With a unique, song-focused approach to teaching guitar - in the styles of folk, classic rock and blues, he always has a new student playing along with a song on their very first day... (Yes! That's right - no boring exercises here!)
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The Beginning Guitar Player's Cheatsheet
6 Easy Chord Shapes To Start Playing Songs On Your Guitar Right Now
  • Say goodbye to big stretches and sore hands and start playing along with timeless classics like "Brown-Eyed Girl" and "Drift Away" in minutes
  • The simple solution to barre chords revealed. You'll feel great playing songs like: "Hotel California", "All Along The Watchtower" and "Sultans of Swing".
  • BONUS SONG LIST! Immediate access to almost 50 songs you can easily play right now - just add a capo!
Your information is safe and will never be shared
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